We redesigned the company. What's new?


Bamboo Apps has come a long way since 2002 and now it’s time for a new turn in our story. 

While keeping our identity, we’ve redesigned our processes and expanded our industry focus to help more businesses grow with beautiful apps.

“Done right, mobile apps help businesses address the challenges they might face during the pandemic time. We have a tremendous track record in delivering apps for our customers in the automotive sector. At the same time, we receive a large number of requests from other domains and can’t but love the idea to share our mobile development expertise  with more businesses," — explains the decision to rebrand Bamboo Apps CEO Igor Ponikarchik. 

What’s new?

For the last few years, Bamboo Apps has been working mainly in the automotive and mobility software domain. The expertise we gained, however, turned out to be helpful for other businesses as well. We’ve been working with companies from insurance, healthcare, education, IoT for a while and now decided to bring all that experience together in our new positioning.


Our service focus, by contrast, became more refined. We’ll focus on doing what we do best — develop mobile applications with trendy designs that actually serve business goals and help businesses grow.

Staying true to our core values

Despite the changes, every team at Bamboo Apps stays committed to our core values — perfection in design, simplicity of processes, and proactive engagement in projects and goals of our clients. And we’re really excited about new opportunities to help businesses grow and scale with us and the apps we create.

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