Are You Ready for a Warm Holiday Season?

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The Bamboo Apps team wishes a Happy Holidays to our dear clients, partners, and team members.

May your holidays sparkle with moments of love, laughter, and goodwill, and may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy.

To add a bit of magic and fill this wonderful season with special warmth, we at Bamboo Apps have created a very special Estonian Gluhwein and want to share it with you. The recipe was developed in collaboration with one of the coolest mixologists of Europe and our good friend - Evgeniy; he helped to make our Gluhwein spicy and flavored by adding Estonian herbs. So we want to share it with you to taste that local Estonian taste.

To know how to prepare our special Gluhwein, see the video below:

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Ingredients for our special Gluhwein:

  • a bottle of dry red wine;
  • 1 citrus (you can pick any);
  • a standard gluhwein spice mix;
  • honey/sugar/syrup;
  • thyme (Estonian herb);
  • rosehip (Estonian herb);
  • juniper berries (Estonian herb).

Step 1: put a gluhwein spice mix in a pot, add a few juniper berries, a couple of citrus slices, 2-3 rose hips, a spoon of honey (or syrup), and some thyme;

Step 2: pour wine in a pot;

Step 3: bring mixture to the boil, when it is done remove it from stove; 

Step 4: leave the Gluhwein for 15 minutes to let all flavors mix;

Step 5: pour Gluhwein into glasses and enjoy it with someone you love!

Happy Holiday! May your days be joyful and filled with happiness.

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