Bamboo Apps Supports a Women-led Startup Intimatica in Disrupting Sex Ed for Adolescents

Bamboo Apps-and-Intimatica-teams

Teams partnered to create a mobile app with helpful content and live support. Intimatica, a women-led startup based in Belarus, is on a mission to help teenagers navigate self-acceptance, body image, relationships, sexual health, and other issues during puberty. 

Intimatica's web platform, social media, and YouTube series cover both the basics and the topics that aren't included in the formal sex education programs or explained by adults. 

Together with Bamboo Apps, the startup will introduce a new addition to the existing ecosystem. Intimatica's mobile app will feature educational content, video series, personal stories, and a live chat with doctors and psychologists.

Bamboo Apps will guide Intimatica's team through the process and will handle everything from design to native and backend development. 

First version of the app is expected to be delivered in late August. With the mobile app, Intimatica will be able to increase the audience reach and engagement by offering easy and quick access to helpful information and advice across all devices. 

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