Designing Market-Ready Digital Key Solutions


This paper provides a case study of a Digital Key Solution with full market potential

Keyless car access is one of the most actively explored areas of phone-to-vehicle communication technologies. OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, device manufacturers, and software developers are working to launch remote keyless access services  including digital key solutions. Digital car keys deliver convenience and enhanced user experiences, reduce costs, and support a wide range of use cases that require temporary on-demand access to a vehicle: form car rental and sharing to re-fueling and valet services.

This paper by Bamboo Apps aims at providing OEMs and SMEs with further guidance on the digital key solution development. We share the findings of our research on the methods of in-vehicle data access and wireless communication technologies for data exchange between cars and smart devices. Furthermore, we present a concept of the digital key solution with full market potential, which Bamboo Apps developed based on the conducted analysis.

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See how Bamboo Apps combined two methods of device-to-vehicle communication to develop a market-ready digital key solution.

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