Free Elaboration and Design Sessions with Bamboo Apps


Starting March our design and development teams will hold free monthly one-on-one sessions for companies working on projects in automotive and mobility domains.

Who is this for?

If your situation matches one of the cases below, you’ll definitely benefit from our sessions:

  • You need to turn an idea into project requirements;
  • You want to further validate an existing product but all in-house resources are occupied with current projects;
  • Your team lacks expertise in automotive needed for a project;
  • You’re working on demo or MVP;
  • You need to prepare a vision or proposal for your client;
  • Finally, you’re simply interested in testing our teams before jumping into a long-term partnership.

What you'll get

During a session, we’ll work with your team to help you achieve your goals. At the end of a session, you’ll get an interactive prototype or a software elaboration pack (high-level solution block diagram; preferred tech stack, frameworks, and SDK; estimation of required team and timelines).

Who can participate

To ensure the maximum effectiveness of the sessions we only accept applications from the companies that:

  • already work in automotive/mobility domains 
  • work on adding automotive services/products to their offering;
  • explore the opportunities in the areas that match our expertise.

Apply now and let's elaborate on your project!

Please submit a form below for a chance to join our sessions. We’ll review your application and get in touch to get more details. 

By the end of the month, we’ll announce the company that gets to elaborate with us on their automotive or mobility innovation.

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