How Focus on UX Can Accelerate Car Data Monetization


This whitepaper explains how the focus on UX design can help automotive players accelerate the monetization of car data

Massive amount of vehicle data creates a new revenue stream for automotive companies. By 2030 the connected car data may become a $450-750 billion market, according to McKinsey & Company’s forecast.

While the potential is significant, monetizing the car data at scale remains a major challenge. The main difficulties industry players deal with are capturing and communicating the benefits of car data services, balancing costs, quality, and complexity of solutions, and retaining users. The results the study conducted by Bamboo Apps show that automotive businesses can monetize car data more efficiently through the adoption of a user-centric approach to the design of car data-enabled products.

In this whitepaper, Bamboo Apps also analyzes how different UX techniques can help accelerate car data monetization and illustrates their effectiveness with the use case of UX design for intelligent collision management app. The paper also includes an expert’s opinion on the role of user experience design for the monetization of vehicle data.

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