MWC 2019 Report: Automotive Trends in Focus


An overview of major automotive tech trends and innovations that were presented at the MWC 2019

In recent years, the Mobile World Congress has been gaining the status of a top venue for presenting connected car technology innovations. OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, and tech companies came to Barcelona to show off their visions of where the industry is going and how fast it will get there.

At this year’s show, the innovations in the connected car tech were mostly focused on improving the vehicle-to-everything (or V2X) communications and creating a safer and more comfortable driving experience. 5G connected cars, Internet of Things, multimodal powerful human-machine interfaces, telematics solutions were among major topics of the MWC 2019.

The analysis of trends shows that the modern vehicle is becoming a sensor-laden mobile Internet of Things device. It is equipped with considerable on-board computing power and communication systems devoted to the following areas: vehicle location, driver behaviour, and vehicle activity (telematics); the surrounding environment (vehicle-to-everything or V2X communication); and the vehicle occupants (infotainment). All of these systems increasingly use 5G technology.

We gathered all the exciting automotive highlights from the show and would like to present them in our insightful MWC 2019 report.

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