Vendor Evaluation Chart for Automotive Companies


Use our vendor evaluation chart to simplify the process of comparing outsourcing companies and sharing the information with other decision-makers in your team. 

Connected mobility is advancing and opening new opportunities for businesses in the connected car ecosystem. However, to seize them industry players will need reliable partners knowledgeable in both automotive and software development. 

We created a free tool for managers choosing an automotive software vendor — interactive evaluation chart. You can print it out or work with it on a PC, so all notes and information about vendors will be available in one place for convenient comparison. Plus, it will be easily sharable with other decision-makers.


Pro Tip from Our Guide to Outsourcing in Automotive Industry

"It’s really beneficial if vendor’s team has a level of knowledge and skills similar to that of your on-site designers and developers, because not only will be they able to meet quality and innovation targets but also to outperform them"

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